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    Aastra 6730a

    Price: 89 BGN w/o VAT

    Analog phone set with LCD screen and 8 memory keys

    Features and functions:
    - 1 LCD screen with 3 lines
    - The screen contrast can be adjusted
    - The pad navigation button lets you move through menus
    - 1 LED for alarm and missed calls
    - 4 keys with LED: Call when handset lifted, Music on hold, Mute, Message Waiting.
    - 8 memory keys with LED: they allow quick dialing of numbers stored (16 max).
    - Directory of 100 records max
    - Call Log: it contains the last 50 calls made and the last 50 calls received (answered + missed).
    - The call log is stored in the terminal.
    - Alarm clock
    - 6 languages​​: English (default language), French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch
    - phone locked with a password
    - Call via hands-free or via headset available
    - Release key
    - Redial
    - Flash key
    - Amplified listening via speakerphone
    - Volume Control: ringer, speaker for hands-free function, headset, handset
    - Adjusting the frequency of flashing LEDs (300ms by default).
    - 8 ringing melodies available
    - Date and time setting
    - Area code setting
    - 1 headset jack
    - Wall mountable with the optional wall kit

    The Aastra 6730a is an advanced professional analog phone, online powered by the iPbx (analog board) to which it is connected.
    It provides functions such as managing call logs, volume control, message waiting, lock... and it is multi-lingual (6 languages​​).
    It is wall mountable with the optional wall kit

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