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    Call Center

    Growing markets, and continued development of telecommunication systems force companies, no matter what area of business they operate, to provide their customers more easy, fast and convenient way to communicate with them and the services they offer.

    The growing markets and the continued development of telecommunications and IT require companies, no matter what area of business they operate, to provide their customers with more easy, quick and convenient way to connect with them and their services.
    On the other hand, companies are forced to invest large resources in systems that provide different ways to reach new customers and which at the same time dramatically increasing efficiency of contact with the customer by providing employees numerous, powerful and easy to use features and useful information during contact with the client.

    The correct response to these business challenges is building a call center. Companies that succeed in this sharp increase their competetiveness and number of transactions.

    Telenova LTD is offering call center solutions based on open-source software (Asterisk) and based on MiCollab product of the world leader Mitel
    Call center automates the process of incoming and outgoing phone calls (voice flows) performs intelligent routing of e-mail and fax (media streams) while linking it with the website of the company, where customers bring and download data (WEB flows).

    Process of building a call center can be implemented step by step, depending on the current needs and the specific requirements of the company. Even the first step to implement only a basic call center functionality, such as the automation of telephone calls to and from clients and call statistics,  is not expensive, but immediately produce visible positive results

    On their basis the company management can make the right decision for subsequent moves to build a call center.


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