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    Videoconferencing systems are designed not just for video conferencing with HD quality video and HiFi audio quality, but for cooperative work of people who are at different places (sometimes in different cities or countries).

    Their application is huge - medicine, education, finance and banking, marketing and trade, communications and IT, legal right and many others. By using a simple smartphone, tablet or laptop, they transfer home, hotel, airport and any place where Internet coverage is good, in a real working place. In today's fast-paced day - time is money, and videoconferencing systems save time and additional costs associated with the movement from one place to another. 

    And last but not the least - no one can afford to wait for the client because the client will receive a product or service from another provider. As a result, to be really competitive, modern companies choose to implement solutions such as video conferencing systems.

    Telenova implement videoconferencing solutions and Avaya and Vidyo. Both companies have created solutions that are comprehensive, scalable, expandable according to the specific needs of the client, supporting the latest technologies and most widespread terminals

    For customers who use one or not very often videoconferencing systems Telenova provides renting of such equipment.

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