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    DECT over IP

    DECT over IP is a unique technology for expanding the corporate PBX in remote location or providing mobility for fixed telephone subscribers PBXs.

    Increasingly widespread use of IP telephone exchange (telephone servers) led to a unique combination of two proven and widely used technologies - DECT systems and IP networks. For a comparison between DECT over IP and a simple DECT please click here. The basis of the DECT over IP is that the base station is connected to the PBX over IP. Simple and elementary, but provides many features and benefits.

    First of all - unlimited distance between the PBX (server) and the base station, thanks to the capabilities of the IP environment. In practice, you can build phone coverage on any large area or join a remote office to your PBX, just using one or more base stations.

    Second is the call quality and coverage of the area or inside buildings. Unlike WiFi telephony, DECT standard has much more options, and the terminals are significantly cheaper.

    In third place is full universality of the solution. It is applicable to all types of hybrid and IP PBXs, open - source solutions and telephony servers that support SIP protocol. Works with all types of wireless phones support standard DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) and having IPEI number. Of course, AAstra offers a full range of DECT phones - A612, A622, A632 industrial model and model-based A650 Audio CAT-iq technology to provide HD sound.

    Other advantages are the high quality and reliability of the phone connection, maintenance of standards, G711, G729, G722 and wide range of services to telephone subscribers including conference calls, alarms and finding the location of a DECT phone network (Alarm Server and Open Mobility Locating Server OML) .

    Last but not least are the possibilities for expansion - up to 1,000 base stations and an unlimited number of DECT handsets. DECT base stations designed for indoor or outdoor installation, with the option for external directional antennas. For larger installations it is recommended to construct the decision on its own VLAN, to ensure quality of service (QoS).

    Unique offer from AAstra is the new combo box model of the base station which also supports DECT and WiFi and allows wireless coverage for voice and data simultaneously.

    DECT over IP is easy to install and extremely flexible in application to the particular needs of the client.

    See the basic architecture:

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