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    CLIP Callback

    Reduce your phone bills

    CLIP Callback feature is a useful tool for reducing phone bills on your mobile - from your mobile you can call free to your company or make cheap calls via a VoIP provider of your company.
    - A registered nomadic worker calls the gateway
    - When gateway identify number (CLIP) from list call is rejected and gateway make a call back.
    - When the worker pick up this call he hears "CallBack" tone and he has following options to dial:
            - 0* - get access to PSTN line
            - 1 to 4* - speed dial memories
            - whatever next - PBX (phone) or can wait for preprogrammed time to be automatically connected to PBX /phone

    Separate versions for SOHO and for big companies:
    - for SOHO - via Mini Gate A FXO-FXS - see more
    - for big companies: - via PRIma Gate ISDN - see more
                                - via PRIma Gate VoIP - see more
                                - via PRIma Gate Switch - see more

            CallBack 2

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