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Коледно-технологична украса в офиса на Теленова..:-)

WP 20171208 004Уважаеми клиенти, партньори и приятели. Днес е петък, студентски празник, 16 дни преди Бъдни Вечер и екипът на Теленова се захвана с украсата на офиса. Тъй като сме технологична фирма (който не вярва - да прочете повече на сайта ни), решихме да направим едната елха по-различна. Тя е украсена с бракувани материали от комуникационни устройства, надяваме се да Ви харесва...:-).
Весело посрещане на светлите празници.

WP 20171208 002

The TELCO equipment of "Military National Palace of Culture"

Earlier this week ended the saga with the so-called "Military National Palace of Culture", which now houses the Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office (SRP) and the criminal division of the Sofia District Court (SDC). The two institutions are inextricably connected with their work and the fact that their communications are built by Telenova OOD. At the end of 2008, we won the public procurement contract for 3 IP PBX’s Nexspan, produce of EADS Telecom (now Mitel) for the 3 buildings of the department at 6, Dragan Tsankov Blvd., 34 Tsar. Boris III" Blvd, 2 Blvd. Evtimii". The systems were connected in IP" multisite" and work as a single one. Now the headquarters of 6 Dragan Tsankov Blvd was moved to the new building and its capacity was expanded. For 9 years now, this quality equipment has been flawlessly used by its owners, and with small investments has been extended and moved to the new location.
The SRS used up to now the communications of SRC on 6 "Dragan Tsankov" Blvd. and at the end of 2016 they announced a public tender for their own communication system for the new building. This order was again won by Telenova Ltd., and this time we have delivered and commissioned the Libra plant of the Polish producer Platan. Deliveries and assembly were done on time, and Sofia District Prosecutors are already using their new acquisitions. It is connected across the IP with the CPC headquarters so that the two institutions do not pay for the conversations.

The CEO of Telenova again re-elected as a member of the managing board of ASTEL!

At a meeting on 18.05.2017, the General Board of the members of the Association "Telecommunications" (ASTEL), the manager of Telenova, Mr. Georgi Stefanov was elected for a sixt term as a member of the managing Board . Telecommunications Association is a prominent non-governmental organization and the only branch structure with established public legitimacy of companies in the telecommunications industry in Bulgaria . Its members are national fixed telecommunications operator; mobile operators; telecommunications operators providing voice , data and video ; satellite operators and Internet providers, major manufacturers and importers of telecommunications, the strongest Bulgarian enterprises in the telecommunications industry as well as basic research units preparing students for information technology and telecommunications - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski " , Technical University of Sofia, New Bulgarian University and the College of Telecommunications and Post.

IMPORTANT! Telenova moves in its own office!

Dear clients and partners, since 12.03.2017, Telenova’s address is: entr. 3 parter, bl. 207 A, “Br. Buxton” blvd., kv. “Krasno selo”, 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria. All other contact data remains the same.
We expect you here!

Project of the 2016

Through 2016 we, the Telenova team, built a lot of TELCO systems for different customers, but one of them stands out significantly. We migrated the communications of Central Cooperative Bank (CCB) to Asterisk-based open source solution Free PBX. It was installed on client's cluster based server to ensure redundancy of the communication. Again, from this point of view, the bank uses 2 SIP trunk providers. The project covers all offices and branches of the client, it's call center, has specialized software for billing A2Billing and users work with various telephones series of Yealink. The system is flexible, ensure security and allow quick and uninterrupted communication, all terminals are with auto provisoning. After large installations at our customers as Generali BulgariaNew Bulgarian University, HomeMax and others, CCB is definitely the largest project, done by Telenova with an open source product.

Теленова.ею - new company domain in Cyrillic

We Telenova have always strived to be among the pioneers. So, a few days after the official announcement, we have a new domain in Cyrillic - Теленова.ею. This will allow customers using the company's site, not to change the input language in the browser when surfing the pages containing Bulgarian language. We also support our alphabet, which is used by many nations in Europe and Asia, and from 2007, it is one of three official alphabets in the European Union.

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