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    Cloud PBX

    Цена: от 60 лв. без ДДС на месец

    Make your CAPEX OPEX

    At Telenova LTD, we offer to build a customer PBX on our virtual server, physically located in a data center. The system is based on the open-source FreePBX solution.

    The main advantages of a virtual (cloud or hosted) PBX over the own PBX are that the customer does not purchase FTA and does not care about:
    – the type, the type of hardware;
    – the operating system of the used machine;
    – the virtualization of the hardware;
    – the software version of the PBX;
    – updates and upgrades;

    All of the above is our concern, the customer simply uses the desired features and capacity. The necessary conditions for such a PBX are:
    – activated external lines from a telecom operator to our machines;
    – established VPN connections from the customer’s network to ours;
    – customer’s assignment for programming the PBX;

    Together with the system the customer receives a service guaranteeing:
    – continuity and security of the telephone service;
    – guaranteed response time;
    – preferential prices for spare parts and labor;
    – contractual relations and commitment from Telenova Ltd;

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