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Maintenance and service

One of the main activities of Telenova company is full technical support, administration and maintenance of telephone systems from different manufacturers - Platan, Mitel (Aastra), Panasonic, Philips, Free PBX and others. We offer flexible and customer friendly schemes as a subscription service with a contract relations or without contract - on call when needed. This activity takes place not only in Sofia but also for customers throughout the country regardless of their geographical location. Maintenance is performed remotely from the offices of Telenova and on-site PBX customer by company technical specialist or a trusted local service. To react quickly to the problems of our clients, we keep in stock a wide range of spare parts, components and accessories for telephone exchanges, including working capital facilities which provide customers for temporary use to repair the damaged one.
        We know how important are telecommunications today for your business and ensure that your PBX will not stop working and your customers can contact you whenever they want.

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